Smart Endcap

A New Digital Storyteller To Engage And Educate Customers

Nothing beats the tactile experience.

This is the real-world way to discover all the features and benefits of a product in an enjoyable experience. By putting the product in their hands, and its story on the screen in front of them, customers learn faster what a product has to offer and decide quicker. The product and the interface work together to create a whole new way for the customer to connect.

Attention Grabbing Display

  • Immerse your customers in an unique and interactive way
  • Increase dwell time, give reps a tool to interact with customers
  • Discovery, exploration and comparison of products,
  • Eye catching – stand out and differentiate products in a fun and unique way to draw customers in with a unique display
  • Always up-to-date content via our integrated CMS

The More You Know, The Better You Plan

Leveraging in-store digital experiences generates valuable data that has been undiscoverable until now. Our ITP system, stitches together these digital experiences, synchronizes and analyzes the data, and combines it with unique customer profile information to uncover powerful and actionable insights to help transform the retail sales process and speak to your customers with more intelligence.

  • Improve lead quality
  • Actionable customer information in real time · Adds power to in-store operations
  • Ever evolving accuracy of information