ITP Data Collection

Understand the customer’s journey and know what to offer at their destination

Every in-store and on-line customer interaction generates valuable information and insights that can be used to serve them better. Increase satisfaction to increase retention. It’s an easy formula to success. Problem is, all that valuable data was difficult to collect, collate, and analyze. Until now.

Through in-store customer engagement at critical touch points, our ITP platform stacks, sorts and stitches together all the customer’s interactions with the brand – online and instore – synchronizes and analyses the data to provide a complete profile and picture of customers’ wants and needs. At scale and at an individual level.

Improve lead quality

Actionable customer information in real time

Adds power to in-store operations

Ever evolving accuracy of information

Better understand Customer Behaviours

  • Optimize the customer experience from accumulated accurate insights
  • Transform and enhance the purchasing experience
  • Develop targeted offers and recommendations
  • Use insights to connect store reps to customers in a more personal manner

Improve Lead Quality

  • Collect customer data to create effective prospecting programs in-store and online
  • Create customer profiles that combine their online and in-store activities
  • Leverage data to steer and drive prospects into sales funnels
  • Keep the conversation with customers going with relevant and targeted messaging

Actionable Customer Information in Real Time

  • Create contextual and relevant offers
  • Pitch at the perfect moment in the purchase cycle
  • Develop curated and individually targeted marketing campaigns
  • Increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Add Power To In-Store Operations

  • Collect, aggregate and discover powerful insights and behaviours
  • Customized interactive dashboards deliver real time KPI and other custom metrics
  • Discover shopping trends and patterns
  • Transform customer service, retention and satisfaction

Ever Evolving Accuracy of Information

  • Evolvement of customer data enables powerful predictive modeling
  • Connect all customer data for a single source of truth for each
  • Share data automatically to your CRM data Lake

Help Customers Use Their Loyalty Cards Better and They’lL Show you Better Loyalty

  • ITP prompts customers to link to their Loyalty program while they’re shopping, not when it’s too late
  • Shows customers their Loyalty benefits while they are considering their purchase
  • Link customers’ online life to their in store activity to personalize content and offers for a full 360 sales experience

Let Your Customers Tell What To Stock

  • ITP data can give you clear direction on what inventory to keep in store, in back of store and in deep store
  • Make better inventory predictions with greater accuracy on all parameters
  • Make better purchase predictions and sales projections