Reveal Box

Spotlight the Brand while it tells its story

Take a peek at our Reveal Box, a one-of-a-kind customer engagement tool.

Designed to allow a brand to occupy its own space and tell its own story in a unique way, you can put it anywhere in store or anywhere else, like a mall, the airport, a subway station. Wherever you want to create a buzz, and make your prospective customer feel special with an exclusive experience. This intriguing device sparks everyone’s curiosity, but only engagement and interaction brings fulfillment to the customer and important data to the retailer.

Smart technology meets smart marketing

  • Sneak peek reveal for product launches
  • Reveal contents to a chosen few
  • Only responds to your promo codes
  • Interactive, immersive and instant gratification

A New Canvas For A New Story

  • One-of-a-kind marketing tool
  • Digital content can be customized by region, location and store level.
  • Stand out from a sea of SKUs
  • Completely customizable for brand story or hero product

The More You Know, The Better You Plan

Leveraging in-store digital experiences generates valuable data that has been undiscoverable until now. Our ITP system, stitches together these digital experiences, synchronizes and analyzes the data, and combines it with unique customer profile information to uncover powerful and actionable insights to help transform the retail sales process and speak to your customers with more intelligence.

  • Improve lead quality
  • Actionable customer information in real time · Adds power to in-store operations
  • Ever evolving accuracy of information