Contactless Solutions

Customers Prefer Touch Free Control

No problem.

You now have a range of solutions that remove the new barriers to engagement and create new opportunities for retailers and preferred interactions for customers. From gesture control to using their own devices, touchless point-of-sale solutions help customers safeguard their health and interact effortlessly for an easy and touchless shopping experience. The advantages of online technology have come in-store for customers.

Touch-free ways to engage your in-store customer

Our contactless retail experience enables brands and retailers the ability to deliver customer content that is:

  • Easily accessible
  • Mobile responsive
  • Relevant
  • Targeted
  • Up to date
  • Trackable
  • Interactive

Two Contactless Solutions:

Gesture Control

  • Control with the wave of a hand
  • Instinctive
  • Touchless
  • Control of the full interactive experience

QR Codes

Elevated for better engagement

  • QR readers now native to mobiles and usage increasing
  • QR codes common in store and on packaging
  • Gives customers full control over content they wish to view
  • Opt-in is an opportunity to communicate relevant and targeted messaging Interplay between content and mobile phone for a richer experience

Manage the Message

Easily customize and upload content remotely:

  • Keep content up to date – add / remove products
  • Create seasonal relevant messaging and promotions
  • Promote limited-time offers

The More You Know, The Better You Plan

Leveraging in-store digital experiences generates valuable data that has been undiscoverable until now. Our ITP system, stitches together these digital experiences, synchronizes and analyzes the data, and combines it with unique customer profile information to uncover powerful and actionable insights to help transform the retail sales process and speak to your customers with more intelligence.

  • Improve lead quality
  • Actionable customer information in real time · Adds power to in-store operations
  • Ever evolving accuracy of information